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Refurbish, Reuse, Recycle

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Buying all new furniture isn’t always the best option for our clients. Sometimes they do not have a budget to buy all brand new furniture. Sometimes they have a tight deadline that requires a bit of creativity to fully furnish a space before a grand opening. Sometimes they just love what they have already. Here is one example of how we refurbished, reused, and recycled pieces from an existing office to create a new, AWEinspiring space for an existing client:

I recently received a call from a client who purchased furniture for two pediatric clinics. The first clinic opened in 2006, and the second opened in 2008. Their call was to let me know that they are moving the clinic purchased in 2008 into a much larger facility that will almost double in size from their current location. It has been almost 7 years since the original installation, and not surprising, it still looked AWEsome.

Lobby Chair (Armless) The doc wanted me to come out and take a look at the current practice to determine what needed to be replaced and what could be reused. Again, I was not surprised. Even though this is a pediatric office, all of the fabrics were in excellent shape, with a couple of pieces that needed only a professional cleaning.

Lobby Chair (With Arms) The modular furniture (Trendway) in the billing office was in perfect condition. The task chairs and exam room chairs (Encore Seating), with a Crypton fabric on the seat and back, didn’t tear or even look warn out. The only items that need a little bit of repair were a few of the lobby chairs (J.Persing). We will only be refinishing the wood arms, which is a very simple and quick process, and is a much more cost-effective alternative to purchasing new furniture. The last items that will require some wood touch up to refinish the edges are the wood desks (First Office). Another easy, inexpensive fix!

Task Chair Not only are we reusing the existing furniture, we will be supplementing it with new pieces to matching what is already in use. A huge benefit of using commercial modular furniture is the flexibility – it is very easy for us to add on to existing product even years after our original installation. This blending of new and existing furniture will help our client save money, while enhancing her new space. We know her new pediatric office will look AWEmazing! Exam Room Seating The moral of my story is this: you don’t have to spend a fortune to receive quality furniture. You can acheive an AWEinspiring space that fits your budget, aesthetics, and time frame by partnering with a furniture dealer that has the knowledge and accessibility to a wide range of manufacturers, styles, and price points. The example above is proof that if you work with AWE, you can create an AWEsome space that will hold up beautifully for years to come! Andrea Moseley, President/CEO, a.k.a. Our Big Wig!

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