AWE is running a contest through our social media channels (and email if social media isn’t your thing) until the end of the year.

“Show us your worst, and we’ll give you our best!”

Do you have a chair in your home/corporate office that is begging to be added to a yardsale? Is the fabric so outdated that you won’t put it out for donation so your neighbors don’t see it? We have an AWEinspired solution!

Send us photos of your throwback, outdated, and just plain OLD office furniture. It can be from a corporate or home office. Post a picture to our Facebook, Tweet a picture to us on Twitter, tag us on Instagram, or email them to me, the resident nerd/marketing director. The winner, who will have the distinction of owning the worst furniture in the competition, will be selected from the submissions and given a brand new desk chair! We can’t wait to see the hilariously AWEsome photos you can come up with!

AllSeating You Chair

I hope you will consider submitting an entry to our “Show us your worst, and we’ll give you our best!” contest!

We will be running the contest until the end of the year, so there is still plenty of time to enter. You can start the New Year off right – with a free, brand new chair!

Whitney Moseley, Marketing Director, a.k.a. The Resident Nerd!