Our AWEsome blog this week comes from the newest member of our AWEmazing team, Intern Kimberly Cox!

My name is Kimberly Cox, and I am a “small town girl” from South Bend, WA. I am currently a senior at Washington State University in the Design and Construction Management School, with a focus on Interior Design. My goal in the future is to work in the field of hospitality design, or possibly retail design. I’m eager to learn all aspects of the design world and don’t want to limit myself to just retail, hospitality, or residential design. AWE Corporate Interiors has given me a great opportunity to learn all about commercial furniture and the other services they have to offer.

Kym Cox

One big thing they offer is the chance to step out of my comfort zone.  Just being here in Arizona is a huge change from living in Washington. I went from living in a small town to the living in 5th largest city in the country. I also transitioned from residential design to commercial furniture. There’s been quite the learning curve, but working in the resource library at AWE has definitely helped. In school, we learned how to use CAD to produce renderings and layouts of projects, and now, I’m learning how to use Giza. The program is new to me, and I’m excited about adding it to my resume.

There have been a lot of changes for me in the past few weeks- a new state, new work environment, and new facet of the design/interiors world. I’m excited to be working with this boutique, all-female company, and can’t wait to see how else I get out of my comfort zone in the coming months. I know my time here will be AWEsome!

-Kimberly Cox, Intern, a.k.a. New Kid On The Block!