When selecting and specifying upholstery for commercial interiors, one of the most important things to consider is the fabric’s abrasion rating, or double rub (DR) count.

Double rub tests are commonly done using the Wyzenbeek method.  This technique helps determine abrasion resistance by a machine (named after its creator, Andrew Wyzenbeek) with a mechanical arm that is rubbed back and forth on a test fabric. One movement back and forth is considered one double rub. This mimics a person sitting on an upholstered piece and standing back up.  This means, according to the Wyzenbeek method, that the higher the double rub count, the more durable the fabric.

In the commercial interiors industry, we work to create spaces using products that will be durable and beautiful after standard daily usage (single-shift office spaces) or selecting setting-specific, high-performance fabrics to stand up to constant use (as seen in senior living/medical facilities).  As a rule-of-thumb, we generally do not use fabrics with less than 50,000 DR when specifying upholstery for commercial office interiors.  When specifying upholstery for medical or other high use facilities, we frequently use fabrics that have abrasion ratings up to or above 250,000 DR.

And don’t think commercial grade fabric can’t be aesthetically pleasing. Fabric manufacturers have come out with some amazing patterns, colors, and finishes to fit the needs of any type of commercial interior. Through selection of fabric for new furniture, or reupholstery, let us know how we can make your space update AWEinspiring!

High Performance Fabrics
(Top to Bottom, Left to Right)
Architex, Friendship in Shade, 100,000 DR. Carnegie, Compass Embroider A in 103, 200,000 DR. Designtex, Coperta in Fiesta, 60,000 DR. CF Stinson, Equinox in Harbor, 50,000+ DR. Designtex, Block Print in Cerulean, 50,000 DR. Carnegie, Bauble in 47, 100,000 DR.

Jenna Peterson, Account Manager, a.k.a. Furniture Fanatic!