We pride ourselves on being able to work on any kind of project – big or small, budget friendly or extravagant, traditional to modern. Occasionally, we work with clients who have very short deadlines and other project-specific requirements.

One of our most recent clients had a VERY strict timeline for updating their building’s lobby furniture. New product can have a lead time of 4-6 weeks or more, with additional time added for delivery of fabric or custom requests. For this client and their needs, new product simply could not be delivered within the necessary time frame.  Our next option to update and modernize the space was to reupholster their existing furniture with new, fresh patterns and fabrics.  When in stock, fabric ships fairly quickly, and can be expedited to move the process along even more rapidly. By taking this route, we knew we would be able to meet their deadline for the project.   We worked together to select fabrics that would compliment their existing finishes in the lobby.  Additionally, we suggested that they refinish the wood arms and legs on all the seating to refresh the look even more. We work with an AWEsome local reupholstering company, who also refinishes wood work.  This company was able to get this client’s job scheduled as soon as the fabric arrived. It’s not hard to believe that from the day the order was placed, to the day the newly upholstered/refinished furniture was delivered and installed back at the client’s site, the whole process took less than a month! AWEmazing results are our specialty – see how this project turned out below!



Jenna Peterson, Account Manager, a.k.a. Furniture Fanatic!