We are constantly on the hunt for new and exciting products that can better meet clients’ needs, add creativity and flexibility to a space, or change the conventional way of thinking about office interiors. This is why we’re so glad we can offer different demountable wall solutions to our clients to help make their spaces even more AWEinspiring.

Trendway has three very distinct products to achieve the desired look within a space: TrendWall®, TrendWall® Clear, and the newest option, VoloTM.

TrendWall® represents the most traditional approach within the styles of demountable walls offered by Trendway. This system allows for a wide range of options to meet client needs—minimal disruption if there are existing users, nominal amounts of construction waste, keeps the space clean during installation, and unparalleled flexibility due to it’s non-progressive construction (which allows changes to be made within the system, without removing previous panels to work on a central section). Additionally, TrendWall® is BIFMA level® 1 certified, and has SCS Indoor Advantage™ certified components, making it not only a beautiful product, but a sustainable one as well.



The clean, architectural feel of TrendWall® Clear offers the same flexibility and benefits of TrendWall®, but packaged in sleek, aluminum framing and ½” thick tempered, glazed inserts.  Don’t let the streamlined appearance fool you though— TrendWall® Clear can be hardwired in the field or configured to house modular power and data. This system is proof you can have brains and beauty in one product.

TrendWall Clear


Trendway’s newest offering in their demountable wall portfolio is VoloTM.  Debuted this year, VoloTM expands on the flexibility of TrendWall®, while incorporating the high end aesthetic values espoused by TrendWall® Clear, blending these attributes in a fully customizable product.  This new system, according to the manufacturer, “offers the functional and design flexibility of a custom architectural wall product, but with the ease and speed of a unitized panel system.” Each VoloTM order is created individually, customized for each project and space and using panels in fabric, laminate, veneer, tempered patterned and translucent glazing, and writable/magnetic back-painted glass in an array of colors.



These three lines of demountable wall products meet a variety of needs within commercial spaces. Other benefits to choosing demountable walls over conventional construction include faster depreciation for tax purposes (as a furniture piece rather than conventional construction) reducing the lifetime cost of the product, configurability and adaptability to changing needs within the client’s space, smaller ecological footprint, and client ownership of product, allowing the client to take the pieces to a different space if they relocate.

Contact us if you think demountable walls are right for your space, or if we can help with any other projects you might have. We know we have solutions that will make any office AWEinspiring!

Whitney Moseley, Marketing Director, a.k.a. The Resident Nerd!