In the AWEsome world of office furniture, there are so many AWEmazing furniture options for every kind of client and project. There are products that are manufactured all over the country, and all over the world. It’s difficult for me to limit the number of manufacturers, let alone declare the top 10 pieces of furniture. In light of this, I’m going to focus on my favorite task chairs, and in late night fashion, here is my top 10 count down list:

10. Trendway – T51: an affordable option with great adjustability.

Trendway T51-Task

9. Source – Purl or Portrait: elegant options for conference or executive seating applications.

Source PortraitSource Purl Task

8. Humanscale – Freedom: an AWEsome choice executive seating with incredible ergonomic adjustability.

Humanscale Freedom

7. Chromcraft – PAB: fun AND affordable task seating.

Chromcraft PAB

6. Highmark – Bolero: great ergonomic task or executive chair that is an AWEmazing option for those with bad backs.

Highmark Bolero

5. Ergo – ME! or Milan: budget friendly, fast delivery, and AWEsome customer service.

Ergo ME!

Ergo Milan

4. Allseating – You: elegant design and an incredibly comfortable sit.

Allseating You

3. SitOnIt Seating – TORSA: such a cool chair, with great adjustability and high design looks.

SitOnIt Torsa

2. izzy+ – Wabi: sleek and elegant choice for task seating.

izzy+ Wabi

And my all time favorite task chair, chair #1 is…

1. Stylex – Sava Mesh Back: this is an AWEmazing chair! “Good looks and brains,” all in one stylish package.

Stylex Sava Mesh Back

I hope you’ve enjoyed the list. If you LOVE any of these chairs as much as I do, contact me about testing out a sample!

Andrea Moseley, President/CEO, a.k.a. Our Big Wig!