Spring is in the air…the weather is warming, the trees and flowers are blooming, and wildlife is coming out of hibernation. When I think of springtime, three inspirational words come to mind: refresh, revive, renew!

This is an excellent time to join Mother Nature and refresh, revive, and renew your working space. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. De-clutter and get organized.
  2. Add a pop of vibrant color.
  3. FINALLY dump that old, uncomfortable chair in favor of one that adequately supports you!

Spring Refresh
(1. (bottom left) De-clutter with storage solutions from Office Specialty. 2. (top left) Add pops of color with FEEK by Trendway. 3. (right) Sit in ergonomic bliss with the Humanscale Freedom.)

With these small, but high-impact changes, you’ll experience a renewal of your own and a jump-start to a productive and AWEmazing spring. Let me know how we can work together to make your space even more AWEinspiring!

Beth OckerAccount Manager, a.k.a. Chair Chick!