We thought the BuzziSpace showroom at NeoCon this year was simply AWEinspiring. From the practical AND beautiful BuzziFalls panels, to the whimsical BuzziCactus (see below), there were AWEsome products throughout the space, and we couldn’t wait to learn more!BuzziCactus We met with the always AWEmazing BuzziSpace representative, Mary Blanchard, today, and we knew a reblog from BuzziSpace was just what our AWEsome Blog needed this week. Read more about “THE HOME-IFICATION OF THE OFFICE” here:


Although five years ago we were still talking about flexible workplaces or office cocooning, BuzziSpace has now taken things a step further. These days, ‘home working’ at the office is the latest trend.

Now that cool companies in the Silicon Valley, London, Berlin or Singapore are introducing the new way of working, the many office suppliers need to create products that satisfy these new demands. In this sense, we are seeing a reverse movement. If working from home was seen as the holy grail until fairly recently, today ‘home working’ at the office is the new credo.

Just think of the trendy working environments which Google, Facebook, Samsung or Yahoo create to give their employees a homely and comfortable feeling at the office. After all, why would you want to sit around at home when your working environment is sociable and welcoming, offers a trendy food bar and the best coffee too?



Steve Symons, the founder and owner of BuzziSpace, travels all over the world and can see a lot of changes in this area: “We actually aim to be pioneers in collaborative furniture: we design furniture that optimizes public spaces. These spaces vary from offices and hospital waiting rooms to hotel lobbies. We also want to bring a homely feel to the office: bringing the home to the office is our motto. By designing attractive, comfortable furniture that is used in the office, we are helping to create the ideal atmosphere in the workplace”.

What do you think of this trend? Would you prefer to work in an office that was more home-like, or all business? Let AWE know!

Whitney Moseley, Marketing Director/Sales, a.k.a. The Resident Nerd!