This week, AWE Corporate Interiors is celebrating our 9th year of being in business!  

I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone.  It seems like just yesterday Andrea put the dream of owning her own office furniture dealership into motion, and here we are, one year away from a decade.

AWE started as a 2.5 woman team; I say .5 because our trusty bean counter was part time.  Our first digs were in a space within another office space, and we soon outgrew ourselves, eventually moving into our own space with our very own address.  A few years later, after hiring a couple more employees, we had to expand to the AWEsome working showroom we have today.  The showroom now includes a patient room vignette, as well as “chair world” where manufacturers can showcase their products.  We survived the economic downturn and are definitely on the upswing.  And the future is looking AWEmazing.

Cheers to AWE, Jenna (furniture fanatic), Whitney (resident nerd), Cindy (head bean counter), Andrea (the big wig), Lara (the real boss), Harry (furniture ninja), and all of those who we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past. It’s been an AWEsome nine years, and we look forward to many more AWEmazing years to come!

AWE's 9th Birthday!

Lara Drullinger, Sr. Project Coordinator, a.k.a. The Real Boss!