Are you stuck in a rut at work? This time of year is primed to find yourself waking up every day to a severe case of the Mondays – temperatures are sky high, vacations are wrapping up, and the end of summer is fast approaching.

While we can’t take a power drill to the front panel on our cubicle and give ourselves a new view, we can make some small changes to brighten our day and put a new spin on the place we spend more than 8 hours a day. 

Office Supplies

Here are 3 easy DIY ways to change up your workspace:

Back to school is no longer for students: This time of year stores like Target, Staples, and Walmart need something to fill the void between major holidays, so they’ve turned the annual event of going back to school into a time to stock brightly colored and Justin Beiber themed school supplies. Take advantage and go find something fun to use on a daily basis. Ok, maybe a Beibs theme notebook isn’t your thing, but picking up a stapler, tape dispenser, and set of paper clips in your favorite color to replace your standard black set will certainly brighten your day (Just stay away from red staplers…).


Take a trip to Jo-Anne fabrics: Surprise! Those panels in your cube that hold your to-do lists and other important documents can also hold fabric. Just because your company decided that plain grey is a rad color, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. Take a trip to your local fabric store and pick out something that you enjoy. You can use straight pins to attach it without damaging your existing panels. Maybe go for some texture or just a brighter color. Just keep in mind, others will see it (be sure to run it by your boss first), so if you opt for the one with cats all over it you it… everyone will know you love cats.


To-go, please: July is also the time that many young adults venture off into the great unknown called college and as such, many stores stock cheap, but fun, cups, plates and utensils. Grab a new coffee mug, water bottle, or lunch box. It’s a small change, but at the very least when you’re standing at the water cooler listening to Joe from accounting recap his epic trip to the car wash, you’ll have something that’ll make you smile.

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Libby GeroldAccount Coordinator, a.k.a. Project Pro!