You never know who your next client will be.  

Recently, I was handed a file to place an order for furniture, and the name of the client intrigued me.  The name “Desert Transplants” looked familiar.  I began the process of placing the order, and I needed some additional information from the client.  I soon realized that the practice belonged to my husband’s kidney transplant surgeon! 

A year ago, today, my husband Nate and I underwent kidney transplant surgery.  He was the recipient of kidney from an anonymous donor, and I was a donor to an anonymous recipient.  

I was so excited to share our story with the office manager! I just wanted to say thank you again and let them know that they were working with a patient’s wife. 

For such a big place, it sure is a small world.

Here’s a picture of Nate, Winnie (transplant coordinator), and Darryl (Nate’s donor) – top left, Me and Nate – right, and Me and Shawna (my recipient) – bottom left:



Lara Drullinger, Sr. Project Coordinator, a.k.a. The Real Boss!