I came across an article today on LinkedIn, titled “Execs Who Can’t Attract Former Coworkers Are Red Flags.” Luckily, at AWE Corporate Interiors, this is not a problem for our Big Wig!

In his piece, Hunter Walk, Partner at Homebrew VC, writes “mission-driven founders have a recruiting advantage versus those companies just pitching perks and coolness.” Walk goes on to discuss the importance of hiring candidates who are the “type of person who once they join your company is going to start telling their friends and former colleagues that this is the place to be. And will those people listen to them.”

The author expands on this premise, stating:

“I’d go even further when judging senior execs – the inability to bring former team members over is a major red flag. If all people who’ve worked for or with them in the past don’t want to do the same again, I don’t care how glowing the reference is, something is wrong. It’s why I love to see people like Steve Cheney, ex of GroupMe, bring one of his best former colleagues over to his new company. A hire like Steve can basically turn to the CEO and say ‘don’t worry, I got this.’ You get someone like Steve and you don’t just hire a person, you’ve hired a team.”

It is a testament to Andrea’s leadership and innate ability to note how true Walk’s words ring – we are so excited to welcome a former face back to our AWEsome team!

Change BlogAny guesses about who will be rejoining us, starting Monday, January 6th? Let us know who you think it is!

Whitney Moseley, Marketing Director, a.k.a. The Resident Nerd!