If you’re like the majority of us, you’re spending most of your day at work in front of a computer screen and away from your home. So, why not spruce up that space to be more organized and to really share your style with your co-workers? Here are a few tips:

Balance: The key to an organized space is balance. Ideally, you will want to utilize any shelf space, along with your desk surface. Try to keep your work area clear of clutter, giving you more room to get work done. From there, it will be easier to consolidate items on your desk. Fun containers can be found at The Container Store, or check out your local thrift shop for fun flare that’s not too hard on the wallet.

Ergonomics:  If your office uses them, take advantage of keyboard trays and monitor arms, as they create a more ergonomically correct (and comfortable!) work space. If not, see if you can locate a fun monitor stand that will spruce up your desk and ensure that your eyes are focused straight ahead, at the center of the monitor, and not too high or too low.

Lighting: Make sure that you have good lighting in your space. There are so many fun task lights that will add a pop of color to your desk and keep your workspace well lit to prevent squinting during the day.

Accessories: After you have your balance, organization among your desk accessories, good lighting and an ergonomic workspace, it’s time to accessorize! Depending on where you work, you’ll want to adjust how far you push the envelope. But, make it fun! Add a picture of friends of family to make you smile throughout the day, a pop of color and maybe even a glitter dinosaur.

Now you’re ready to take on each day with a smile knowing that you can be comfortable and productive in your home away from home.

Desk Accessories

Noel Palmer, Account Manager, a.k.a. Furniture Firecracker!