In the past 10 years, have you caught yourself asking, “How did I ever survive without my smartphone?” Technology has firmly settled into our daily lives: smartphones, apps and cameras have allowed us instant communication, information and organization. We’ve come to rely on staying connected.

Then, the unthinkable happens… your phone emanates that horrific beep… the battery is dying!

Immediately, panic sets in. You search high and low for that elusive power outlet, and even if you find one, you quickly realize you don’t have your wall charger.

Enter the Qi (pronounced “chee”), a table top charging pad that miraculously charges your mobile device wire-free. Most everyone knows this unit exists, and some of us may even have one at home. But what about at work, where you really need it? Commercial furniture manufacturers such as Berco Tables have taken note and now offer this technology as a built-in option for occasional, conference and training room tables.

Charge your phone just by setting it on this special charging top!

Charge your phone just by setting it down on this special charging top! (Berco)

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Beth Ocker, Senior Account Manager, a.k.a. The Chair Chick!