This is a scary word for some of us.  I look at the word “change” as an opportunity to re-start, or freshen up the old. 

The last few years have been hard on everyone. In a down economy, we find ourselves in situations we didn’t imagine, taking on challenges that we hadn’t experienced before.  We all have to step up and help with things that may not be part of our job description.  We have to wear many hats to get the job done.  I’m very grateful to my AWEsome staff for tackling challenges head on, and making the most of these past few years.

Now, we are making a few changes here at AWE. I’m excited for the shake-up.  We have an opportunity to hire some new blood, which will undoubtedly add some new and different energy to the office.

Change Blog

The economy declines. It eventually picks back up. We step out of our comfort zones and work beyond our job descriptions. Change happens.

And it’s all good.   

Andrea Moseley, President/CEO, a.k.a. Our Big Wig!