While at NeoCon 2013 this year at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, IL, I saw tons of AWEinspiring new products from furniture manufacturers. During the convention (June 10-12, 2013), the AWE team was given AWEmazing tours through multiple showrooms that had new and exciting products to showcase. We’re always on the look out for new and AWEsome products for our clients, so I wanted to highlight five new finds from the show this year! Here are a few favorites, in no particular order:

“Hopper” Table and Shade, Janus et Cie: This contemporary picnic table incorporates Iroko wood (also known as African Teak), galvanized steel, and outdoor fabric with modern clean lines that would look AWEsome in any setting! The shade can be opened or closed depending on the weather.

 Hopper Table and Shade


“Cruise” Workstation and Chair, okamura: It was so AWEsome to see an ergonomic workstation in a neutral position that was designed with a “low-seat, rear-tilt design.”  This posture places minimal stress on the body, and “transforms creative workplaces into spaces that are functional, yet overflowing with an open, engaging element.” How AWEmazing that the chair works in tandem with the station as a complete unit!Cruise Workstation and Chair


“Palomino” Collection, Leland International: This entire collection does a mAWEvelous job of adding a residential feel to commercial spaces, incorporating mid-century modern aesthetics in practical, durable commercial applications. We love the privacy screens, flexibility, and configurability of the entire line! Palomino Lounge


“Bodie” Lounge and Table, Grand Rapids Chair Company: The clean lines and lower profile of the Bodie Lounge and Table are an AWEinspired choice for any collaborative space. The minimalist design can be completely customized through the usage of different upholstery, wood, and laminate options- let Bodie help make your existing space look even more AWEsome! Bodie


“Nemo” Bar and Trellis, izzy+: We loved the way the Nemo Bar and Trellis create collaborative spaces with access to data, power, and media. The example in the showroom (below) even showed tablets embedded into the top of the bar! How AWEsome is that?9020114227_b849e56eff_o


These are just a few of my favorite, AWEsome products from NeoCon. Including Janus et Cie, okamura, Leland International, Grand Rapids Chair Company, and izzy+, we carry over 200+ product lines to meet your needs! Check out a few more of our product lines here on our website!


Andrea Moseley, President/CEO, a.k.a. Our Big Wig!